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Automatic traffic measurement

AITracker is software that automatically recognises vehicle categories and counts them from video recordings. We automate traffic measurement and make the work of road planners and transport engineers easier!

Control traffic with AISP!

Measurement of all traffic patterns at the roundabout.

Traffic measurement on a street with intensity of 3,000 people/h.

Filtration of traffic lanes on the highway.

Measurement regardless of day and weather conditions.

Measurement accuracy of 97%

AITracker ensures zero human errors during counting! Enjoy a peaceful night's sleep without worrying about result quality.

* Accuracy is calculated as % of counting results matching a manually counted test set of examples and AISP videos.

AI recognises 22 categories

Full recognition of vehicle and pedestrian categories in accordance with EU traffic departaments and central traffic measurement stations!

Receive results direct from the Cloud

At AISP, we use Google Cloud Platform. Your data is secure and our infrastructure is scalable!

Step 1. Send

Using AITracker you will configure every video directory and send into the AISP cloud!

Step 2. Processing

Google Cloud can store TiB of data! Our infrastructure scales according to system load. Once your order has been processed, you will receive an email notification!

Step 3. Download

We care about your privacy, so we do not store videos after processing your order. The results are waiting and available online within 14 days.

Spreadsheets you expect

AITracker generates ready-made sheets with traffic measurement results. You can group results by 5 min, 15 min or 60 min and choose the spreadsheet layout that interests you.

CSV lane after lane.

Intersections spreadsheet with directions icons. Each entry has separated sheet.

Car-by-car speed measurement sheet with km/h and travel time. 

ANPR sheet with a photo of the vehicle, plate and readings.

Ready-made diagrams for each measuring point

Daily traffic profile

Colors on the chart represent vehicle categories.

Share of ALPR county codes

County codes consist of the first 2-3 letters of the vehicle's registration.

Velocity scatter plot

One point represents one measured vehicle.

Intersection cartogram

Entrances are created based on relationships.

Count once. Report many.

A counted catalogue, means data to work with! No need for sending, no additional costs – you can generate new reports.  

100% verifiable results

AITracker offers the ability to review counted vehicles! Select a vehicle, and the video will move to the moment of passage. You can, for example, see bus arrival times and their delays!

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Hours of processed video


Recognised object classes


Cloud availability


Measurement error

Reduce costs and save time

Let the computer count the video for you and your employees! Free up your team for more creative and responsible tasks. Gain real time to run your business,

24 free hours

As a new customer you get a free 24 hour processing time for testing!

No hidden costs!

We only bill for the hours of film sent.

We know our prices are competitive.

Limit on paid hours

You will receive a limit on paid hours. Invoice only after the limit has been used or after 3 months.

Services - gain access through AITracker

Counting vehicle and pedestrian traffic

ALPR - License Plate Recognition

Anonymous videos and photos

Sectional velocity measurement

Traffic Designer - transit form ANPR

In collaboration with cordoning measurements we have developed a built-in tool for automatically merging license plate results from multiple traffic measurements. In the "Traffic Designer," you can load each cordoning measurement and then create the resulting transit sheet, grouped by hours with all vehicle travel routes. 

AITracker - Take Control of Traffic!

Download the AITracker software, which automatically recognizes vehicle categories and counts them from video recordings. The program comes with built-in sample demo videos with results, allowing you to get to know the software for free.

Experience the quality of AITracker for yourself and test the program!

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What else can we do for you?

Trained AI for you

We will train an AI model for you that will recognize your objects!

Embededd AI - intelligence for devices

We have AI models that recognize. We have VCRT our counting algorithm. Finally, we have the technology and we know traffic measurement, so we want to offer software for embedded devices.

Give your products wings by integrating AI and computer vision from AISP.

Dedicated software - SI and AISP

Software Interactive is our capital group. 16 years of experience, 140+ completed projects and 170+ IT specialists who can create software that meets your expectations!

Together with AISP, we will create an AI/IT solution for you!

Sławomir Paszko

CEO & Founder 


Michał Świderski, Phd

CEO Software Interactive

Tomasz Wojdyła, PhD

CTO Software Interactive

History - How did AISP came to be?


Sławomir Paszko,
AISP Founder

Sławomir Paszko - Founder, CEO

In 2020, I had my first encounter with Polish General Traffic Measurement and asked myself one fundamental question - why hasn't anyone automated this yet?

From there, the idea of AITracker was born, using AI to automatically recognize vehicle categories from GPR. The initial tests proved successful. So successful in fact, that we've progressed from simple cross-sections in 2020 to ALPR, intersections, speed measurements or pedestrians counting.

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From 2020, we automatically counting Poland and the world! Software Interactive capital group.

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