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Your CAD for traffic measurements!

☝️ Find out from the YouTube guide how you can get the highest quality results with AITracker!

Easy and convenient interface

An interface designed with you in mind. Result sheets, live video preview, measurement design, and report creation. AITracker is your gateway to the AISP cloud!

AITracker software requires a computer running Windows 10 and internet access. It is distributed as a .exe installer file under the MIT license. The software does not contain hidden fees and is free to use. The only paid service is cloud processing, where the cost depends on the pricing list and the amount of video hours. Support and program documentation are provided.

AITracker Gui version 1.9 is a free tool for working with traffic measurements, including sample videos and results.

Night & snow is no longer a problem!

Dark night, slippery roads, or snow in the footage are no longer an issue for the AISP cloud computing! 

Neural network models have been trained on the toughest images to ensure the highest level of accuracy in classifying your results!

AI recognises 22 categories

A system that classifies according to GPR and central traffic measurement stations. Expanded categories in accordance with the new guidelines from the Ministry of Infrastructure!

Known vehicle and pedestrian classes such as a1.bicycles, a2.scooters, and, i1.pedestrians, i2.pedestrians with special needs, i3.traffic assisting devices.

Manual result modification

The erratum function built into AITracker allows for manual modification of results. Change the classification, assigned relation, or mark a vehicle as incorrect.

Human-AI collaboration to achieve the most accurate results!

Ready-made diagrams for each measuring point

Daily traffic profile

Share of ALPR county codes

Velocity scatter plot

Intersection cartogram 

Measurement accuracy of 97%

AITracker ensures zero human errors during counting! Enjoy a peaceful night's sleep without worrying about result quality.

* Accuracy is calculated as % of counting results matching a manually counted test set of examples and AISP videos.

The sheets you expect

With each video catalogue, you get result sheets

Available software downloads

Test AITracker for free before you commission your first film!

AITracker GUI for customers!

See AITracker in action - Videos of traffic measurement processing

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