License Plates - concept and recognition possibilities

What is the purpose of license plates and what information can be extracted from them?

The Purpose of License Plates

License plates serve as vehicle identifiers that enable authorities to recognize and monitor vehicles on the roads. They have several key functions:

Types of Polish License Plates

Regular license plate complying with standard regulations.

License plate for vintage vehicles.

License plate for electric vehicles.

Temporary license plate.

Diplomatic license plate.

License plate for professionals, starting with the letter "P."

Individual license plate with customizable text.

Letter Codes for Counties

Polish license plates consist of a combination of letters and numbers. The first two or three letters represent the county code where the vehicle is registered. For example, "KR" stands for Kraków, and "WAW" stands for Warsaw. The subsequent elements are numbers and letters that identify the specific vehicle.

County codes can be two letters or three letters long. Examples of county codes include WA – Warsaw, PO – Poznań, KR – Kraków, SLU - Lubliniec czy DWR - Wrocław County. Most two-letter codes refer to cities, while three-letter codes refer to counties.

Military plates start with the letter U.

Police plates are coded as HP.

Border Guard plates start with the code HW.

Two-row motorcycle plates.

Service plates start with the letter H, and the following letter represents the specific service or agency. HP is for the police, HK is for the Internal Security Agency (ABW), and HC is for the Customs Service.

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Traffic flow and transit

License plate measurement is also used to identify the same vehicle at multiple measurement points. This way, we can determine transit through the city and separate it from local traffic or the traffic network.

Our Traffic Designer tool serves precisely this purpose. It connects vehicles by license plates and takes into account situations where characters may be substituted, for example, 4 for A, 5 for S, or 1 for I.

AITracker - control the traffic!

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To find out more, read this article from wikipedia, which discusses number plates in Poland in detail.

See AITracker in action - Videos of traffic measurement processing

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