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How can you use AITracker?

We present some examples of how to use AITracker, which come from implementations with customers or from our internal tests.

Parking zone measurement made by AITracker.

Intersection with 4 entrances. Measurement of all relationships.

Roundabout, 4 entrances. Measuring relationships with UK classification - COBA7.

Traffic measurement and ANPR in the road cross-section.

Measurement of pedestrian traffic on the street of one of the large Polish cities, where the hourly pedestrian intensity is 3,000 people.

Intensity measurement and ANPR for the highway. Example of using a "heat map".

Measuring passenger exchange at stops.

Traffic measurement on the highway with lane filtering.

Measurement of movement in cross-section. Night recognition example.

Available versions

AITracker GUI for customers!

More AITracker - videos of traffic measurement in-process

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