We collaborate with traffic volume measurement contractors.

We recommend companies that use AITracker!

We ensure measurement quality

AISP ensures its customers the quality of traffic counting. By choosing a contractor who collaborates with us, you get reliable results..

97% accuracy for cross-section measurements and 90% for intersections is a symbol of credibility. AITracker means zero human errors during counting! Have a peaceful sleep without worrying about the quality of work.

You get more

By choosing a contractor who collaborates with "AISP Traffic Solutions," you receive high-quality results and professionally processed data.

The contractor receives cartograms, traffic profiles, traffic time statistics, or vehicle categories from us. Thanks to AITracker, they can analyze the results and create an accurate report for you.

Comprehensive offer of traffic measurements

Site inspections and traffic measurement assessments.

Installation, road lane securing, camera setup.

Traffic counting in accordance with the client's requirements.

A full traffic report, charts, cartograms, and result sheets.

Our contractors offer a complete service from on-site visits to the final report.

Experience and equipment

We collaborate with true professionals, who have been involved in road traffic measurements, modeling, and traffic analysis for many years. 

Our clients have experience in numerous editions of the General Traffic Measurement (GPR). With a substantial equipment background, they are capable of tackling the most challenging tasks!

Competitively priced offering

By automating traffic volume counting, we have achieved two goals: high measurement quality and lower costs.

As a result, our clients can offer better service prices without compromising result quality. With us, you can be sure that 100% of the recordings have been counted, and the results correspond to reality!

Ask about surveyors

We are pleased to recommend companies that collaborate with AISP and use AITracker. JIf you are looking for comprehensive traffic volume measurement, ALPR measurement, pedestrian traffic measurement, or vehicle speed measurement, we will find a contractor closest to you. We can do it!

See AITracker in action - Videos of traffic measurement processing

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