Automated traffic measurements with AI!

Computer calculated and classified traffic.

Intersections are now straight-forward.

Since November 2021, we have introduced a service for automatic counting of roundabouts and intersections based on video footage.

Your only job is ensuring high camera placement and good visibility. We will take care of the quality of your results and measurement sheets!

Cross-sections are our specialty

Cross-sections were our first service when we started automated traffic measurements with AITracker. Regardless of the time of day, weather conditions, or fog, our system correctly recognizes vehicle categories.

Our system has been verified and tested with 70 cases. It effortlessly counts traffic according to the vehicle classification you choose!

Define measurements as you wish

You define the relationships that occur in the scene and the cross-sections that interest you. You have complete freedom!

Take control of the traffic and results that will be in line with your chosen interval, sheet variant, or vehicle classification.

Measurement accuracy of 97%

* Accuracy is calculated as % of counting results matching a manually counted test set of examples and AISP videos.

No more hours behind the screen

AITracker ensures zero human errors during counting! Enjoy a peaceful night's sleep without worrying about result quality or your customer's reception.

Free up your team for more productive work. Why do it manually when you can delegate it to AITracker!

Ready-made diagrams for each measuring point

Daily traffic profile

Share of ALPR county codes

Velocity scatter plot

Intersection cartogram 

AI recognises 22 categories

Full recognition of vehicle and pedestrian categories in accordance with GPR and central traffic measurement stations!

The sheets you expect

With each video catalogue, you get result sheets

AITracker - control the traffic!

Download AITracker, and automatically recognise vehicle categories and count them from video recordings. The program includes built-in sample demo videos with results, allowing you to get to know the software for free.

Experience the quality of AITracker for yourself and test the program!

See AITracker in action - Videos of traffic measurement processing

For more videos showcasing AITracker and our services, visit youtube and facebook.



We will respond to your questions or inquiries within 24 hours.


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