Traffic structure automatically created from ALPR cordoning measurements.

Traffic Designer is a built-in tool for creating traffic structures.

Automatically link vehicles based on license plates.

During cordoning measurements, multiple ALPR sections are measured. Based on recognized license plates, we can identify vehicles passing through these points. Instead of manually matching license plate texts, let Traffic Designer handle this task!

"Traffic Designer"  is a tool that automatically links vehicles from a series of ALPR measurements. A transit sheet is created, ready for traffic modeling.

Intuitive interface

"Traffic Designer" is a built-in tool in AITracker. It doesn't require an additional fee and is user-friendly.

Select directories with ANPR measurements. In each directory, indicate the type of entry/exit relationship. Leave the rest to the Traffic Designer, which will automatically connect all vehicles, create a traffic model, and generate the result sheet.

Character mistakes under control

In ALPR measurement, during the recognition of license plates, incorrect character substitutions can occur. The most common examples are 4 with A, 5 with S, or 1 with I.

The Traffic Designer takes these possibilities into account when linking plates to choose the optimal solution.

Ready-made transit sheet

The results sheet  contains every occurrence of a specific vehicle, its license plate, vehicle category, traffic hours, and travel route. This is a real aid for engineers in creating traffic models!

An additional last column shows the daily travel route so that you can see how the vehicle moved throughout the day and which "segments" the traffic was divided into.

AITracker - control the traffic!

Download AITracker, and automatically recognise vehicle categories and count them from video recordings. The program includes built-in sample demo videos with results, allowing you to get to know the software for free.

Experience the quality of AITracker for yourself and test the program!

See AITracker in action - Videos of traffic measurement processing

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