How vehicles and pedestrians are classified?

Classification of vehicles according to GPR, Euro-6, and other vehicle classifications in traffic measurements.

Vehicles classification

To meet the market and customer expectations, our AITracker software classifies vehicles according to both Polish and international categories. The type of vehicle classification can be selected from the menu for each measuring point. You can also change the classification after measuring the entire traffic.

AITracker supports the following vehicle and pedestrian classifications:

UK COBA7 classification categories.

What categories of vehicles are defined by the polish GPR classification?

The GPR classification defines the following 7 categories of vehicles plus 1 for bicycles for general traffic measurement:

a. Bicycles

b. Motorcycles

c. Passenger cars and minibuses, including those with trailers

d. Delivery vans, including those with trailers

e. Heavy goods vehicles without trailers

f. Heavy goods vehicles with trailers or semi-trailers

g. Buses

h. Agricultural tractors, etc.

What new categories do the 2022 guidelines introduce?

The new guidelines from the Ministry of Infrastructure in 2022 expand the GPR classification with additional categories. Category A is divided into subcategories:

Category I is also divided into subcategories:

a1. Bicycles

a2. Segways

a3. Electric scooters

i1. Pedestrians

i2. Pedestrians with special needs

i3. Skateboards

These are the new categories introduced by the Ministry of Infrastructure's guidelines for traffic measurements in 2022.

To meet the Euro-6 requirements, AITracker recognises passenger/delivery vehicles with trailers.

Which vehicle categories are defined by the Euro-6 classification?

The Euro-6 classification defines the following categories of vehicles:

We recognise a separate category of buses with or without windows to meet both GPR and SCPR requirements.

Which vehicle categories are defined by the 8+1 classification?

The 8+1 classification (mainly used for central traffic measurement stations) defines the following categories of vehicles. It's worth noting that delivery vans with windows in the cargo area (similar to GPR) are often classified as passenger vehicles in this category. This is due to the recognition of these vehicles by inductive loops in measurement stations.

What categories of vehicles are defined by the simplified classification?

The simplified classification divides vehicles into light and heavy categories. Based on the 8+1 categories, we can define two classes of vehicles in the simplified classification.

What additional categories does AITracker recognise?

AITracker recognizes two additional categories.

AITracker - control the traffic!

Download AITracker, and automatically recognise vehicle categories and count them from video recordings. The program includes built-in sample demo videos with results, allowing you to get to know the software for free.

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