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Counting Poland and rest of the world from 2020

History of measurements or why "AISP AI Solutions in Traffic" was created

Year 2020, General Traffic Measurement in Poland

Why hasn't anyone automated this?

In 2020, I encountered the Polish General Traffic Measurement for the first time and asked one fundamental question.

😲 "Why hasn't anyone automated this yet?"

Historically, traffic measurements were conducted by observers (initially roadworkers and bridge supervisors, among others). There were many attempts to automate traffic measurements (rubber hoses, photocells, etc.), but they were characterized by errors (such as missing lightweight vehicles). 

For many years, general traffic measurement in Poland relied on observers
people who stood by the road for many hours with a paper sheet in hand, marking each categorized vehicle!

n the GPR2020, one method reigned supreme, based on the use of cameras and human labor. And that method is...

Video recording. Queen of 2020

Traffic was recorded 24/7 by a camera onto an SD card. After removing the station, the footage was transferred and distributed to observers. This method had advantages, for example:

It was better, but it wasn't perfect. This working model still had its drawbacks:

Cameras along with the power supply system mounted on a pole during the measurement.

Can it be automated?
Long story short

Teaching AI vehicle categories

August 2020
The first step was to teach Artificial Intelligence to recognize vehicle categories from GPR measurements. Several months of work yielded satisfactory results! We started with 8 GPR classes, expanded to 5 more for SCPR measurements. Currently, AI recognizes 22 classes in line with the extended GPR classification.

The marked objects in the image serve as data for teaching the artificial intelligence model.

Two-way road with counted cross-section.

Counting vehicles in cross-section

December 2020
First success! The AITracker system version that counts two-way road cross-sections with an average accuracy of 97%. We have our proprietary object tracking algorithm - VRT! Green light for a startup!

May 2021

AISP officially starts its business activities. Commercialization of the solution. The first version of AITrackerGui, a configuration tool for measurements, is created.

Measurements of vehicle speed over a section

August 2021

We introduce the service of measuring vehicle speed over a section from video footage.

👉 The first video speed measurement conducted in the town of Lubecko - the results were published with the consent of the county authorities in Lubliniec.

👉 Video demonstrating the service

Two parallel measurement lines and a sufficient distance serve as a measurement section for AITracker.

One of the first intersections, which still serves as a test benchmark for new versions of AITracker.

How to count intersections effectively?

November 2021
For the first time in history, we count intersections and small roundabouts with an accuracy of up to 85%. We conduct tests and recommend to our clients the installation of cameras at a height of 4-5 meters to improve the quality of results.

👉 Video demonstrating the service

January 2022

We expand our operations to international markets, thanks to business efforts and research conducted by Marcin Brzezina.

License Plate Recognition

April 2022

We introduce a new service, ALPR, which stands for Automatic License Plate Recognition.

👉 Video demonstrating the service

👉 First ALPR measurement in the town of Lubecko  -  results were published with the consent of the county office in Lubliniec.

We combine license plate recognition with the measurement of the quantity and category of vehicles.

AITracker system recognizes all vehicles and their license plates.

ALPR Parking measurements

September 2022

We adapted our license plate recognition service for parking occupancy measurements. The camera is placed inside a moving vehicle, recording a wide-angle view of the road, and recognizing all parked vehicles and their license plates.

An App for customers

December 2022

For customers, AITracker-Gui version 1.6 is introduced. An expanded interface and capabilities allow for:

Version 1.6 of AITracker was a total innovation in the market! Traffic measurements have never been so transparent.

Expanded measurements of pedestrian and bicycle traffic are new guidelines for cities.

Expanded GPR categories

March 2023

In accordance with the new guidelines from the Ministry of Infrastructure, we are expanding the vehicle and pedestrian categories to include a2.scooters, a3.electric cars, and i2.pedestrians with disabilities, i3.unprotected road users.

Traffic Designer

June 2023

Collaborating on on cord measurements we have created a built-in tool for automatically merging the results of license plate recognition from several traffic measurements. In the "Traffic Designer," you can load each cord measurement and then create the results transit sheet.

Automatically creating a transit sheet based on multiple cord measurements

Counting people  is one of the most challenging tasks for AI systems and is our benchmark.

Even Better vehicle tracking

July 2023

Our VRT algorithm for counting vehicles and people has been improved to achieve even higher accuracy, reaching 93% for intersections and roundabouts.

Cloud Service

September 2023

Version 1.7 of AITracker is introduced to the market with a new, simple interface and access to the AISP cloud. From now on, customers can fully automate measurements by sending them to servers available 24/7.

The new version 1.7 of AITracker surprises with its beautiful and simple interface as well as cloud access.

SI capital group

Since the begining of 2024 AISP became part of the Software Interactive capital group. This is not only an honor for us, but also a fantastic opportunity to scale our traffic AI solutions on a global scale! 

Meet our reliable partner and see how AI can help you -

Sławomir Paszko, AISP founder 

Let's get to know each other!

If you have any questions or would like a better understanding of AISP's offerings, let's talk. We'd love to meet you and talk about your needs!

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